Tournament BLT IV: Best 'Leaderboarders' Tournament (see post #210)

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The final cycle has come to an end! Congratulations to the top 16 players that clinched their spot in the tournament.
[#. PS! username (Smogon Name)]
  1. parivard (parivard)
  2. jasprose (jasprose)
  3. Blazenix (blazenix)
  4. youmupoke (youmu@poke)
  5. Trace (TraceofLife)
  6. KoldKappuccino (KoldKappuccino)
  7. Almighty Sa (Bundy300)
  8. jrdn (Jordn)
  9. kingofcrimea (Kingofcrimea)
  10. 3d (Amoonguss)
  11. BigBoy038 (BigBoy038)
  12. Culoes Drums (Mysterious M)
  13. Mastoise (Mastoise)
  14. byronthewellwell (byronthewellwell)
  15. Sharp Ladder UU (Sharp Ladder UU)
  16. narutosage (naruto(sage))
1. WillTMost
2. Explanation
3. eugenethegreat
4. Akiko Yosano

We ask the qualified users to confirm their spots in this thread along with their forum name. Since this is the last cycle, we'd like each player to confirm their spot ASAP, preferably by 3rd June. I'd rather not make any last minute changes to the player list. As usual, if you have any questions feel free to post in this thread or PM any staff member in the Tournaments Chat.

The final list of BLT Qualifiers will be found here. I'll update it with the cycle 4 players soon, so no worries there.

Final subs list (to managers, do make sure the subs you intend to draft are not inactive before doing so):
1. Samjo
2. Like A Star
3. Ninja
4. Jahim
5. typhoonty
6. lkapkd
7. Galactik Red
8. maltazar
9. RichardPepper
11. Henka
12. Trini Player
13. WillTMost
14. Explanation
15. eugenethegreat
16. Akiko Yosano

The current tentative date and time for the auction is set at 10th June, 11AM EST (GMT-4), held in the Tournaments room on PS!. This is still subject to change, however. For those that qualified, have fun with your team post-draft; for those that didn't, try again next time!
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